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OFFICIAL SELECTION - Jump Cuts Film Festival - 2021
OFFICIAL SELECTION - The Lift-Off Sessions - 2021

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Yorkshire based videographer and filmmaker creating beautifully bespoke films. Timeless, stylish and creative filming for any major event, such as Wedding, Funerals, Birthday parties, and Anniversary’s. We can film your day as you would want to remember it.

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Videography in Yorkshire

We have had loads of fantastic opportunities to work with so many talented people over the last couple of years. Check out our latest showreel here. 

Bespoke showreels

Are you an Actor? You might be in need of a showreel. Here at SJH Films, we create bespoke showreels and monologues for the any performer.

Camera operator

At SJH Films, we have a team dedicated to camera operating and director of photography

Video Editor

We are highly skilled in the Adobe Creative Suite, such as Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Da Vinci Resolve.


A promo video allows you to show off your proudest products of your business such as capturing your achievements or showcasing what you’re all about! We film what we see; the excitement, blood, sweat and tears, the stories you want to tell whilst being the best boss of the business. The opportunity to see, hear and watch your business come to life. We don’t take over your work, you’ll hardly notice we are there.

Beautiful, original, unobtrusive videos & films that generations will want to watch over and over again.

Interview with Stephen Harrington, Videography Yorkshire based.

Stephen James Harrington CV

‘A proficient videographer, Digital Marketer and Content Writer with a proven track record of creating high-quality videos and content for YouTube, websites and Television.

He has also developed skills in Photography, Pre-Production techniques, such as screenwriting, storyboarding and Production management, and SEO’

-Videography Yorkshire-

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Videographer &

Video Editing

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Businesses on the hunt for Videography in Doncaster, Sheffield, and beyond have countless options to choose from. Why should you trust SJH-Films with all your Videography and Editing needs?

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